Dentist Career Worth Looking Into, Says New York State Department of Labor


In New York State, dentists have been, and continue to be, in high demand. Cosmetic surgery and a growing population mean that more dentists are needed today more than ever.

When searching for a well-paying and satisfying career, there are some who wouldn’t think to put dentist on their list. Indeed, not everyone can handle the many dedicated years of school or the intrusive nature of handling other people’s mouths all day. However, the benefits of being a practicing dentist have proven themselves over the years.

A study by the New York State Department of Labor expects the need for dental workers in the
Finger Lakes area to grow around 5.1% between 2011 and 2022.

The rapid increase of available dental jobs can be attributed to two phenomena. The first one is that the population continues to grow, thus creating a need for more practitioners to keep kids’ teeth healthy. The second is that dental implants are quickly becoming more acceptable and even fashionable. Roughly 3 million people have some form of dental implant, and each year, that number grows by 500,000.

There are also numerous financial benefits to pursuing a career in dentistry. The average net income in the year 2014 for a general practitioner was $322,200.

That being said, this career path does require a lot of work. Dentists must be licensed by the state they work in and go to school for many years to be able to practice dentistry.

According to a dentist from Canal Town Family Dental, the hardest thing about dentistry is, “You’re working with people who really don’t want to work with you, and you’re trying to confront fears and phobias almost on a daily basis. You try to make them as comfortable as possible.”

However, with the high demand for them in New York, and many young people needing to find a good and happy career, working towards a dental license may not be that bad of an option.

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