Skywriting Campaign Starts Off With Epic Typo

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It has been a topic of some debate for many years and has just recently been brought back into the spotlight with this blunder in the sky. Norwegian Airlines has been butting heads with President Trump to be allowed to fly in the United States.

There are arguments on both sides that have yet to be resolved. Some believe the airlines take away jobs from Americans but some fight in defense of the Open Skies act. Those voicing their opinions are loud and passionate. And maybe some are a little bit distracted when writing messages about it.

Luckily, for the most part, writing an error can be easily fixed by scratching it out, erasing it, or getting a new sheet of paper. But not in this case. In the case of skywriting, if the conditions are fair, the writing can remain in the sky for up to 20 minutes and be seen 30 miles away.

That is one of the reasons this misstep is so embarrassing. Sometime Monday afternoon, a message began to appear in the sky. The skywriting read “Deny NIA.” What it should have said, however, was “Deny NAI,” as in, “Deny Norwegian Airlines.”

The Air Line Pilots Association, who is against allowing Norwegian Airlines to operate in the United States, did not recognize their error until calls started to come in, letting them know that the message actually came across as denying the National Institute of Aging. To correct their mistake, the pilot wrote the correct message at 5 pm, but not before hundreds saw and took pictures of the incorrect message before it.

The topic of whether or not to allow Norwegian Airlines to fly into the United States still remains an unresolved topic today. However, it can be safe to say that spelling out a huge typo in the sky isn’t going to change anyone’s opinion one way or the other.

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