Wendy’s Will Get Rid of Human Employees and Bring in Machines Instead


*Hmm…let me ask you a question. Do you think Wendy’s, the burger joint, believed that the federal minimum wage of $7.25 would remain at that rate say…forever? I mean, they must have, based on their latest move, and the reason they have given for it.

The what is: They have chosen to replace all of their human workers with machines.

The why…? Due to rising labor costs and the federal minimum wage hike.

California and New York are both expected to raise their minimum wage to $15 per hour over the next few years.

That’s worth repeating.

Over the next few years.

So, to combat this, Wendy’s — the third largest fast-food company in the nation, plans to install self-service kiosks in their company-owned restaurants; and later, franchise owners will be given the option to invest in them as well.


The Wendy’s Corporation states labor costs have risen 5-6% in the past year due to the increase in pay. 

According to Fox 32, Wendy’s president Todd Penegor says the company will…

“…continue to invest in technology with things in the front of the house — consumer facing, like customer self-order kiosks, mobile-order, mobile-pay.”

He continues, “And as we’ve talked in the past, we’ll continue to invest in the back of the house, where we can take out non-consumer facing labor around things like temperature controls and checking, scheduling and the like.”

Sounds like he’s straight out convinced himself this is the way to go.

And apparently, Wendy’s is not the only company who believes they can do without human interaction. Reports say my childhood favorite White Castle is looking into it; and that even Mickey Dee’s has given it a whirl.

Do you think the we don’t need humans because machines work just as well concept will be successful?

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