Today’s Younger Workforce More Likely Than Ever Before to Relocate By Choice


In a recent survey, about half (43.9%) of the respondents said that they are more likely to consider relocating if their job changes. When it comes to millennials, those numbers are even higher. Graebel released a study showing that wholly 85% of millennial workers (ages 18 to 35) said they are willing to move to a completely new city for a job.

Even more surprising, about 82% of those surgery respondents believe that relocating is necessary in order to climb the corporate ladder.

According to Business News Daily, 20 years ago, a much smaller percentage of the workforce relocated, or even planned on relocating for career advancement.

“Now we’re seeing a significant shift toward younger employees relocating, sometimes internationally, and it’s changing how companies think about talent acquisition and retention, and how employees map their lives and careers,” said Bill Graebel, CEO of Graebel. “Millennials embrace the notion of relocating as a catalyst for achieving career goals.”

The survey was conducted by Wakefield Research and looked at 500 millennials between September 26 and September 30, 2016. Each millennial participant was asked a series of online survey questions via email.

Mobility is not just an option these employees will entertain nowadays. For millennials, relocating is essential. Millennials are willing to stay in a new city for only about three years before they start looking to advance their careers even more and move elsewhere. Although many millennials, if they find a successful career that they enjoy, will stay in their new location indefinitely.

The survey shows that 72% are interested in domestic relocation while 41% of millennials would relocate on an international level if it meant advancing their careers.

In the U.S., the top five cities that millennials are moving to are New York City, Los Angeles, Miami, Seattle, and San Francisco. And internationally, the top five cities are London, Paris, Sydney, Tokyo, and Berlin.

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