Skateboarding Startup Gaining Serious Momentum As Its 11-Year-Old Owner Sells Boards Across the U.S.


Roughly 11 million people enjoy skateboarding on a regular basis. It’s is a popular hobby that has a cult following, after all, so it shouldn’t come as a big surprise when a successful company comes around and profits off this market. When the head of the skateboarding company is an 11-year-old, however, heads start turning.

Carson Kropfl is in the process of building an international brand and inventing new ways of skating and transportation. Kropfl is also dealing with all the usual troubles of a sixth-grade kid — on top of running a skateboard start-up company and inventing new traveling devices.

“I’ve been skateboarding since I was five,” said Kropfl. “I grew up on a street where all my friends skateboarded and they got me into it. My parents were kind of in the middle about supporting it after I lost my first tooth, but now they’re all for it.”

According to Grind TV, Kropfl, born and raised in San Clemente, California, owns Locker Board, his skateboarding start-up. He hopes his company will encourage more kids to bring their skateboards to and from school and designed a skateboard that will fit in the smallest of school lockers.

Kropfl is now in sixth grade and has to deal with lockers for the first time in his life. These can be a pain, especially if you wish to fit a skateboard in them, and as most know, teachers rarely allow them in class.

“I just wanted these to really fit in lockers, and it’s a board, so, Locker Board,” said Carson as he explains how he stumbled upon his start-up company’s name.

ACB 7 reports that he has been collecting old skateboards, chopping them up, sanding and soothing them down, and selling them back to kids as smaller, locker-fitting boards that also fit comfortably in backpacks.

“After school I’ll spend an hour making them, then on the weekends I’ll spend like five hours,” said Carson. “By the end of the week, I can make like 50 boards.”

His goal is to sell 200 Locker Boards by Christmas for $89 each — giving him nearly $18,000.

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