Child Entrepreneur Creates BeeSweet Lemonade to Boost Planet’s EcoSystem (Video)

Mikaila Ulmer, 9, is a bee advocate and the founder of BeeSweet Lemonade

*Isn’t this the sweetest thing?

With all the horrific news stories circulating in the world in general and our black community in particular, it is refreshing to hear a happy and positive story that speaks to the greatness of being an African American child. Here, we learn about a young entrepreneur who used “sweet inspiration” with aspirations to change the world.

Mikaila Ulmer, a 9-year-old entrepreneur who lives in  Austin, Texas,  founded BeeSweet Lemonade, a beverage created using her grandmother’s special flaxseed lemonade recipe sweetened with honey.

Ulmer shares on her website how it was her family who encouraged her to create something for a children’s competition when she was four. While she thought about it and she says “two big events happened.”

  • I got stung by a bee. Twice.  
  • Then my Great Granny Helen, who lives in Cameron, South Carolina, sent my family a 1940’s cookbook, which included her special recipe for Flaxseed Lemonade.  

She also adds something that sounds like it comes right out of the Queen Latifah film, “The Secret Life of Bees,” as she reveals how BeeSweet came to be:

I didn’t enjoy the bee stings at all. They scared me. But then something strange happened. I became fascinated with bees. I learned all about what they do for me and our ecosystem. So then I thought, what if I make something that helps honeybees and uses my Great Granny Helen’s recipe? 

That’s how BeeSweet Lemonade was born. It comes from my Great Granny Helen’s flaxseed recipe and my new love for bees. So that’s why we sweeten it with local honey. And today my little idea continues to grow. 

Mikaila demonstrates her compassion and care for our world as she works toward a greater ecosystem by donating 20 percent of her company’s profit to environmental organizations that advocate to save bees. The tiny insects are responsible for pollinating 70 percent of the earth’s food supply.

Mikaila also speaks at a variety of events in Texas about her product and the importance of saving bees from extinction.

BeeSweet can be found at The Whole Foods Market, The Natural Gardener, Farmhouse Delivery, and various other retainers and restaurants.

Visit BeeSweet Lemonade’s website here and watch her speak about BeeSweet in the video below.

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