L’Oréal Faces Class Action Lawsuit by Black Women, Perm Product ‘Made Us Bald!’


*Uh oh. It’s stories like this that makes me celebrate the fact that I went au natural nearly a decade ago. For the life of me though, with several proven Black hair care companies and products by them out there, I don’t even know why folks would trust a company like L’Oréal when trying to perm Black hair.

But oh well. I guess it’s a personal thing, and so is the lesson learned.

Softsheen-Carson Optimum Amla Legend No-Mix, No-Lye Relaxer is what the highly recognized French cosmetics company touted — and apparently used a wealth of celebrities (even insinuating Michelle Obama was one of ’em) to encourage folks to use the product. At least according to what TMZ claims was the motivation behind a new, class action lawsuit by some angry consumers.

Those same consumers are say they are now BALD after using the product!

And guess who they got to represent them? Famed attorney Mark Geragos, who made a name for himself representing celebrities like Michael Jackson.

TMZ writes…

The suit claims L’Oréal lured unsuspecting women into buying its product by getting celebs like ‘RHOA’ star Cynthia Bailey, Tracee Ellis Ross and even Michelle Obama’s hairstylist to tout it.

The suit asks for $5M, and one woman wrote a review on Amazon claiming, “I am completely bald on the front portion of my head,” and, “My 26 year old daughter is upstairs crying her eyes out because her hair is gone.”

Ah damn! You just don’t mess with a Black woman’s hair! Period! It is SO on now!

Stock photo

Stock photo

Geragos says the product is short on oil and long on danger, causing hair loss, breakage, scalp irritation, blisters and burns.

I don’t know, how can any court refuse to a straight out win, when a bunch of bald-headed women who used the product are packing the courtroom?

Seems like a slam dunk to me.

And with $5M at stake it might not be a bad idea for the hair salons to place their hefty weave orders; in anticipation of a stampede…NOW!

I wish you the best ladies.

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