Gardena, CA-Based ‘Eternal Wash’ Raises Funds to Help Children & Single Fathers

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Eternal Wash has more in mind than just cleaning cars. The Gardena based establishment also gives back to the community. Now through July 2015 the business is raising money for Children’s Healthcare issues in Los Angeles, and to assist Mercy Mission Bear Hospital and Adoption Agency in opening the first one and only 5 story Teddy Bear Hospital, slated to help provide teddy bears of cheer to disadvantaged children in need of healthcare; financial assistance for medical operations and home based medical care; family transportation back and forth to hospitals for follow up treatments and an array of other services for the ill child afraid of what tomorrow may bring.

The hospital is also slated to provide an entire floor dedicated to sharing our lives and resources with the elderly. They will be present from 7 a. m. to 7 p. m. to enjoy entertainment, giant screen televisions on all walls, nutritious meals and game time, and a resting place during the day where they can find peace and solace. Nurses and MD’S will be on hand daily, around the clock to provide medication and love!


VIP Celebrity Car Wash Owner, Warren Bingham, Sr. started his “Eternal Wash” car wash business in a humble way; raising money for  children’s healthcare needs that include sick and homeless children and fathers in need of support and resources when single and parenting.

Even black bears help wash cars for Mercy Mission Hospital when given a chance!

Even black bears help wash cars for Mercy Mission Hospital when given a chance!

Experienced detailers provide everything from a simple hand wash to white glove detail service. “We pretty much offer everything. There’s not actually anything we can’t do for customers from shampooing to waxing to a basic car wash. We go above and beyond for cars,” states Warren.

Warren started washing cars at the age of 13 to help his single mother care for 10 siblings. Many of whom never got a chance to finish school. Warren decided 2 years ago after his wife died to purchase an existing car wash business from a homeless man for $300.00. Having grown up poor and sick as a child; wishing for a better life; Warren vowed to give back to the community and to look after sick and lonely children.

LaToya Jackson at Car Wash with Jeffre Phillips

LaToya Jackson at Car Wash with Jeffre Phillips

Warren offers a fundraising program through the business. 
“To me, car washing is pretty big. Nobody in my eyes has stepped up and said that they want to give back from income earned from car washing. A typical car wash is in business to only wash cars and forget the customer after the wash is completed and that’s it. At Eternal Wash, along with mobile car wash services, I and my car wash assistants do more than that,” Warren said.

Warren started the fundraising effort after seeing youth trying to raise money weekly by offering to wash cars. ” I thought it would be a great idea through my business to help with fundraisers and allow youth more study time to prepare for college, rather than spend their weekends hoping to wash one or two cars during an entire day. We offer work opportunities for youth to learn the trade and still get the same benefits by allowing  professionals to wash the cars in a great way! ” 

Over the years, Warren and his staff has performed car wash fundraising for various churches, schools, corporations, hospitals, mom and pop operations and small business entities. He has chosen Mercy Mission Bear Hospital and Adoption Agency this year as their 2015 Fundraiser because he had a close friend who told him of the struggles of the non profit hospital organization, and decided to partner up with teddy bears and super ladies who work tirelessly around the clock, especially Dr. Marcia Ann Mims Coppertino, Executive Director, who is seen and heard all across the nation speaking on behalf of children’s health issues, and the power and spirit of love in a sick child’s life. Warren has vowed to help get the hospital into its new building this year.

“I like to do things that are personal and touching to me in a loving way. I see how much Mercy Mission Hospital gives back to the community. It’s tremendous to watch the work they do!
During April, May, June and July, Eternal Wash will donate $10 per car wash back to Mercy Mission Bear Hospital from the full cost of only $35.00 per car wash, INCLUDING interior and exterior detail services AND tire services!!!  

“I feel like we are machines. I feel like we can service more cars than machines. My goal is to donate between $2,500 to $3,000,” he said. A ceremony to present the funds raised for Mercy Mission Bear Hospital is planned for July 25th. 

“I think we can reach that goal with community support, Warren says.

Call 424-634-9615 for your car wash appointment and leave a message for your April 4, Saturday car wash, from 9 a. m. to 4 p. m. Leave your name, contact number and time preferred for your car wash. An assistant will return your call to confirm the schedule, and give you the wash location in Gardena, California. Eternal Car Wash accepts cash only and there are no refunds once car wash services are completed, of course, to your satisfaction.

Car wash services begin this Saturday, April 4. Patrons must drop cars off and return for them for complete detail  services which are 2-3 hours wait time. If you desire a standard car wash of 30 minutes or less, you may wait for your car on site. Your car wash also includes a free air scent! The mini 30 minutes or less wash is only $15.00 per car!

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