Chicago’s Housing Authority Chairman Donates $100K Salary to Low Income Children

James Reynolds, Chairman of Chicago's Housing Authority

Chicago has had some real-life heroes sprout up in recent years that serve as the best case scenario of human being.  There are many  high ranking government officials on state, city and federal levels that could take a note out of their playbook to more effectively perform their duties for the people they serve.  The chairman of Chicago’s Housing Authority is willing to put up his pay to make a difference that will resonate throughout the country for some time to come.

According to Chicago’s Sun Times, James Reynolds,  56, is not only the public housing committee chairman he is also co-founder, chairman and CEO of Chicago-based global investment firm Loop Capital Markets.  He is not interested in making more money, but he is interested in making a difference.  Reynolds is putting his money where his mouth is when he announced that he would be donating his $100,000 salary to underprivileged children who live in the housing projects that he manages.

He was quoted saying, “I don’t need any more shoes or suits or cars,” laughed Reynolds. “I’d rather make a difference in one kid’s life.”  The money will be funnelled through a CHA’s chairty to provide scholarships for children in public housing that would not otherwise consider college.

Read more about this phenomenal donation here.

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