• Post ACA, Coverage For Mental Health Reaches More Individuals Than Ever

    A new study from the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill shows that the likelihood of an individual to seek treatment for a mental health condition increased significantly following the

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  • The State Of Cyber Security Today (And How It Is Changing)

    The financial services sector has suffered the full force of cybersecurity breaches, more so than any other industry CNBC reports. The appallingly massive Equifax hack in early September, in

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  • Pay-Per-Day Applicant Tracking Software Announced by BrightMoves

    A pay-per-day applicant tracking software is being launched by BrightMove, a provider of cloud-based recruiting software. This software is designed for small businesses and seasonal hirers who

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  • Housing Market Growth Depends On Latinx Millennials Study Finds

    In the United States, only 31% of millennials thinking of buying a home actually plan to do so within the next two years. While minimal, this small percentage is perhaps a miracle in the modern

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  • UPS Unveils World’s First Fuel-Cell Delivery Truck

    “What can Brown do for you?” Very soon, deliver your packages via hydrogen-electric truck. As online shopping continues to increase in popularity, delivery services become even

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