• Apple Vows to End Reliance on Mining, Pledges to Use Only Recycled Materials

    An increasing number of brands are hopping on the sustainability bandwagon with each passing year. Just this past month, CVS announced they’d be removing harmful chemicals from 600 of their

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  • EPA Moving Forward With Coal Industry Deregulations

    The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), along with President Donald Trump’s administration, is hoping to rewrite the laws and restrictions on the coal industry. According to U.S.

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  • Europe Predicted to Dominate Growing Global Hospital Bed Marked by 2020

    According to the FDA’s Center for Devices and Radiological Health, around 2.5 million hospital beds are currently in use throughout the United States. But due to the increasing number of

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  • Minneapolis Couple’s Worst Nightmare Comes True After Becoming Victims of Fraud

    The real estate market is notorious for being fickle. It’s always fluctuating and never stays the same for long. Trends are constantly evolving. For example, reflective blinds didn’t

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  • Americans Opt Out of Vacations, Even Though Employers Give Green Light

    It turns out that vacations can be beneficial for more than just suntans and great photo opportunities. According to the travel company Expedia, vacations are pivotal for corporate wellness and

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