• UPS Unveils World’s First Fuel-Cell Delivery Truck

    “What can Brown do for you?” Very soon, deliver your packages via hydrogen-electric truck. As online shopping continues to increase in popularity, delivery services become even

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  • Workers Compensation Ring Busted for Fraud in Southern California

    A group of doctors, pharmacists, and medical billing professionals have recently been accused of fraud due to their dealings with a massive workers compensation fraud ring in Southern California.

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  • Wells Fargo’s Living Will Finally Up to Date

    Establishing a living will by the age of 40 is generally recommended by most estate lawyers. However, banks don’t have this flexibility, and thanks to a simple lack of preparation, Wells

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  • Couches, Lamps, and Paint: All Small Details in the Realm of Science

    Science has entered the world of interior design. Interior design has always been an industry that balances light and colors to enhance a particular space. Up until now, the designer would always

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  • Apple Vows to End Reliance on Mining, Pledges to Use Only Recycled Materials

    An increasing number of brands are hopping on the sustainability bandwagon with each passing year. Just this past month, CVS announced they’d be removing harmful chemicals from 600 of their

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