• Pay-Per-Day Applicant Tracking Software Announced by BrightMoves

    A pay-per-day applicant tracking software is being launched by BrightMove, a provider of cloud-based recruiting software. This software is designed for small businesses and seasonal hirers who

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  • Housing Market Growth Depends On Latinx Millennials Study Finds

    In the United States, only 31% of millennials thinking of buying a home actually plan to do so within the next two years. While minimal, this small percentage is perhaps a miracle in the modern

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  • UPS Unveils World’s First Fuel-Cell Delivery Truck

    “What can Brown do for you?” Very soon, deliver your packages via hydrogen-electric truck. As online shopping continues to increase in popularity, delivery services become even

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  • Workers Compensation Ring Busted for Fraud in Southern California

    A group of doctors, pharmacists, and medical billing professionals have recently been accused of fraud due to their dealings with a massive workers compensation fraud ring in Southern California.

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  • Wells Fargo’s Living Will Finally Up to Date

    Establishing a living will by the age of 40 is generally recommended by most estate lawyers. However, banks don’t have this flexibility, and thanks to a simple lack of preparation, Wells

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